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Water Softner


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Water Softener w/ Under Sink 5-Stage RO
REF: 61001

Brand new water softener plus under Sink RO through Taylor H Plumbing available. This package includes materials and standard installation (must have plumbing loop).
Not the type of system you will find at Home Depot.
For homes on a well, water testing (not included, and is a cash cost) is required. Additional filters may be needed depending on results.

$5000 full trade

Sales tax must be paid in cash (cc will not be accepted)
Installation will take place in approx. 6-8 weeks.
Extra charge to drill through stone countertops for RO
*Must have plumbing loop*
Available Valley Wide
*sample picture used*
Fleck Water Softener and ProSeries Reverse Osmosis System Combo