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Hyperlocal Grocery Billboards


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Advertise on Your Local Grocery Billboards!
Terraboost has a portfolio of patented hand sanitizer & hand wipe billboards. All billboards stand approximately 5-6 feet tall with the advertising always positioned at eye level!

80% of supermarket/drugstore customers live within 3 miles of the store where they shop. Unlike traditional Out of Home/Billboards, we’re capturing consumers who live in this tight area allowing clients to target to the neighborhood’s personality. Terraboost maintains SAFEGRAPH data for each of our venues, allowing us to target/leverage insight such as:

Actual shopper demographics – not just zip code based
Estimated store traffic counts – allowing us to focus on stores delivering maximum impact
Median # miles consumers travelled to visit the store
Average dwell time in store

With your AD inches away from billions of consumers per month, impressive ROI can be generated in several ways.
QR Codes: No app required. Consumers that know how to take a picture can scan a QR. With scanning built directly into the android & iOS phones, TBM offers the perfect response/ROI!
SMS: Must like the QR technique, leveraging SMS (e.g., “SMS HAPPY TO 55555”) offers the same great opportunity to entice consumers to SMS in exchange for the promise of:

5 locations for 3 months $6000