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Hiring Billboards


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This is HUGE! Handpick your indoor or outdoor billboards on trade!
Billboards are one of the most effective hiring tool a business can use! It is perfect to target business professionals on their way to and from work!
We just signed a deal to have guaranteed space with the largest digital screen network in the U.S.
We can geofence a specific area down to a single zip code, specific freeways, or even specific billboards to roll out the best delivery of out of home saturation-based campaign – Delivering ads where your audience spends their time away from home.
OOH (Out of Home) is a mix of physical media formats. This cannot be skipped, blocked, viewed by bots, or deleted. OOH formats are tangible real estate that get noticed in the real world. This campaign will build effective brand recognition and help engage with your community during peak tourism season.
Limited Inventory Available- Grab Now
100k ads ran over 4 weeks
$10k Trade for a Billboard Cluster (1-3)
$12.5k Trade for Handpicked Billboards (4+)
3 Packages Available
Ref # 85507