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Hopess is a dual diagnosis treatment program that treats individuals with substance use disorders and mental health challenges. Hopess believes that substance use is a symptom of the problem, and they treat the underlying problem(s). This may include treatment for depression, anxiety, trauma, personality disorders, failure to thrive and/or thought disorders to name a few. For those who need it, Hopess helps individuals get their life back in order. This may include establishing a routine, obtaining employment, and finding housing. Hopess puts a lot of emphasis on helping a person be successful after treatment. Family and Individual therapy is a key component of our treatment. We have homes for men and women throughout Phoenix, Glendale, and Scottsdale, but placement depends on availability.

$25,0000 full trade for a 90-day program.

This includes all in housing, meals, and treatment plan. They provide pick up and drop off to and from airport. Just bring your clothes and hygiene items.

To see if you or a loved one is right for Hopess, you can call Kathy for a confidential and free assessment at 602-327-8375.